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A Quick Guide to Voicemail

Voicemail is an electronic service that records voice messages from callers when you are not available to answer your phone. The caller will get a pre-recorded message and can also leave an oral message. The voicemail systems have varied notification function that informs the user of new messages. The recipient can later retrieve the voicemail message later by use of specific codes.

Other than recorded oral messages, the voicemail system is enabled to provide other services like fax-on and fax-in demand in the mail box, voice-mail distribution lists, voice forms and interactive voice responses. These features can be used by corporations to facilitate communication between remote sites.

A voicemail system is often computer-based, but cell phones also offer basic voicemail features. Online telephone services have also incorporated into their systems the voicemail service.  These include Google Voice, Skype, and ATT. A voicemail system is, therefore, easily accessible to local, remote, and mobile users through mobile phones and landlines.

Voicemail system has commendable benefits to companies. First, it enables individuals to leave accurate, detailed, and secure oral messages.  Adoption of voicemail message systems by corporations improved the flow of internal communication.  The result would be saving on message-taking costs and increased productivity. Customer service is equally enhanced. The system also allows a subscriber to send messages to other subscribers without having to call them first. Being able to leave a voice message also frees people from the limitations of living in different time zones. The result of this is a 24-hour communication capability.

To effectively make use of the voice messaging system, the information being passed across should be precise, clear, and complete. A company may also consider providing necessary training for staff that will be handling the voicemail system such as from American Voice Mail on their behalf. The effectiveness of the voicemail system not only affects the company's productivity but also its customer service relations.  Customer service representatives must be able to handle the system properly and understand customer preferences as this may have a long-term impression on customers.

The voicemail system like many other communication systems used by companies now is susceptible to misuse and abuses like espionage, fraudulent  charges over long distances, and intrusion of the system. These risks can be managed by implementing policy measures that will enhance the system's security such as users should be able to change their passwords with ease. With these, the voicemail can be an effective corporate communication tool.

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